Apple tries to ice ICS

There is no love lost between Apple and Google, and in the latest round of patent trolling¬†“protecting” Apple has set its sites on Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich. As originally reported in The Verge, Apple’s latest patent infringement suits target Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus but make a bigger claim against patents relating to Google’s Android 4.0 software. At present, Apple is pushing to ban the sale of the Galaxy Nexus; Google’s only official ICS release.

The meat and potatoes of the suit are clearly taking aim at the ability for the phone to recognize specific data such as a phone number or email address and prompt the phone to make a call/send an email when a user selects it on screen, search from multiple sources of information (both on the phone and externally), slide-to-unlock (this is an oldie), and lastly, predictive text input.

Apple’s already won some key lawsuits including a previous spat with Samsung over the 10.1″ Galaxy Tab as well as lawsuits against HTC resulting in the banning of sales and importation of various models including Sprint’s Evo 4G, AT&T Aria, and T-Mobile G2.

Hit the source links for the full run down of the patents in question. Won’t someone PLEASE¬†think of all the patents.

Hat tip KillahKazx