Windows Phone surpasses fifty thousand apps and other cool facts

The Windows Phone ecosystem is getting bigger. They’ve recently surpassed 50k applications available for download. But that’s not all.  In 2011, the average WP7 users downloaded 48 apps, out-ranking Android (30) yet below iOS (83). I do believe, however, that this has a lot to do with Google services being built in to Android. Also, I’m probably talking out of my ass.

While games make up 14% of apps in the store, they make up 64% of the paid apps downloaded (probably thanks to big names like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja) and 31% of the free apps downloaded. It’s also noted that 56% of users bill their carrier for apps directly, as opposed to using a credit card. Microsoft touts this as a very easy way to sell apps, because the end-user doesn’t have to worry about their credit card information floating around.

It’s been a good start for Windows Phone. I’m a fan of the OS, and with the new hardware coming out, I think that they’re ready to hit the big time. Perhaps Windows and Android could change places for a while.

Sources: Windows Team Blog, via Zune Boards

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  1. I really like the WP7 OS. My only disappointment is that some of the most popular WP7 apps are not the same quality as their iOS counterparts (Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, I’m looking at you). My other disappointment is that 75% of the time when I receive an email with an attachment, the mail app gives me a “download incomplete” message when I try to open the attachment. If I forward the email to my iPhone, the attachment opens no problem

  2. Good stuff.  I’m still thinking about switching from Android to WP7, and even moreso now that the Lumia 900 may come to T-Mobile right when I’m eligible for an upgrade…

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