Welcome to #castoff!

We know you guys love to talk and holler. It’s what brought many of us together in the first place, specifically those of us who founded the Noisecast. Heck, it’s that sort of place that caused the idea of the Noisecast to spark into life and succeed, thanks in large part to those of you who knew us there. We figured heck, why let us stand in the way of what y’all love to do. You can access it by clicking on the #castoff button on the top bar, or by going directly to the forum via the url (http://www.friedyoda.com/noisecast/castoff/)It’s fairly simple to use, which is nice. Just register with your email address or use one of the alternate log-ins.

As far as rules go, let’s be a little mature. I know that word is not often muttered around these parts except in jest, but we still want to be Safe For Work. That means don’t embed NSFW images or YouTube videos, rather tag them NSFW and link them separately. Now, if you’ll see the Features FAQ that Steven put together, you’ll find that pasting the YouTube URL will auto-embed the video. What does that mean? Use a link shortener. Feel free to post whatever’s on your mind, otherwise. Typical forum rules also apply.

  • No outing personal data of posters
  • No personal attacks, keep it civil.
  • No flaming, and don’t get angry if your trolling backfires. If there’s an issue that requires moderation, let us know.
  • Please credit all your sources, if possible. Good content should be rewarded with pageviews, and we don’t want SOPA to shut us down.*
  •  Do not spam. If we suspect spamming, we’ll try to contact you and tell you to stop, but we aren’t stupid.
  • Don’t break the system. If there’s a vulnerability or a way to screw with the posts, let us know and don’t show it off.
  • If you disagree with a moderators action, don’t throw a girly hissy fit. Take a few deep breaths and write a calm message to them (or another mod) with your (thoughtful) response to their actions. Being a piss-head won’t make us love you.
  • We do have the right to edit or change these rules, as well as moderate your posts if we feel that they do not follow the spirit or rules of the site and forum.

So enjoy the forum, and invite your friends. It’ll be a good place to get questions answered, as well as a good place for y’all to toss ideas, tips and requests our way.

*Yes, I’m aware that it’s seemingly shut down, but the threat isn’t gone yet.

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    1. Well, a lot of us know each other via Facebook already (or know some info anyway) but there’s no need to out everyone’s stuff. Typical forum rules, man. :)

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