Geek Vs. Nerd: What Do You Self-Identify As?

With all the talk of Geek vs. Nerd, what side do you fall on? Personally, I find some of the terminology used in the below infographic a bit insulting but it’s still a fun look. Except a few things, it seems I firmly straddle geek and nerd with a slight nerd-ward lean. This is the first time I’ve seen a case being made for geeks and hipsters being the same thing. In fact, at points it has descriptions that are not either geeky or nerdy and it seems to be more a comparison between Hipster and Geek (mislabeled as Nerds).

That’s too much analysis of something meant to be fun. Check out the infographic after the jump.


5 thoughts on “Geek Vs. Nerd: What Do You Self-Identify As?”

  1. I always thought that Nerds have zero social skills, and geeks are nerds that fit in with “regulars.”

  2. nerd.

    me, that is. i dislike the ‘cleverness’ exuded by people who are classified by this article as geeks. mainly the endless memes. “60% of the time”… “like a boss”… My most hated part of internet culture. “maybe if i say this thing that people say all the time then I’ll get imaginary internet points and people will like meeee!”

    and there’s my rant of the day.

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