Google just put G+ in your Gmail

Notice anything different about your gmail lately? No? Take a look at the column on the left. See?

Last week was kind of a big deal for social media services. Facebook got a working, spiffy, better looking Android app. Twitter got a site redesign (are we allowed to bitch about these yet?) and tons of snarky responses to it. Not one to be left out these days, Google very casually stuck some Circles in your contacts. You know, so you could… never mind.

Yup, folks have been reporting that Google Plus integration is coming to your Gmail. Interestingly enough, it’s not just some superficial list either; both services seamlessly interact with one another allowing you to reference comments/posts from Google Plus right in your Gmail window.

Google may have been late to the social media party but they are definitely leveraging their total control over your online life large product range and user base to not just compete with what’s out but come out with a truly new way to approach the social media paradigm. Whether or not Google Plus is your thing, it’s definitely exciting to see what Google comes up with next.

Thanks for the assist Tyler Brainerd!

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