You Can Run A 5K Obstacle Course While Zombies Chase You, Try To Eat Your Brains

Why did no one tell me that “zombie infested 5k obstacle course” races exist? Seriously. You guys have let me down. This is unacceptable. Here I’ve been living my life completely unaware that I could compete in an open-world 5k race wherein the reanimated dead chase me through wooded areas while I navigate a veritable Double Dare set of physical challenges, all the while attempting to preserve the integrity of my precious grey matter.

You guys have been holding out on me.

The traveling event (recently wrapped up in Baltimore and now headed to Atlanta) is your standard fare 5k. While we’ll leave the speculation over why you’d ever bother doing a 5k that wasn’t to benefit cancer up to our readers, this one does spice up the aforementioned “standard fare” with 12 man-made and natural obstacles that, judging from a collection of photos on Facebook, include—but are not limited to—obstacles made of chain link fence, bales of hay, and fire. No, seriously.

Oh, and did we mention zombies? Because those are there too. Rotting, decrepit, bloodthirsty, and now, for the first time, in track shoes. Their one goal: to eat your brains. Of course, for the purposes of a real-life sporting event, they’ve had to use the lesser-known metaphorical meaning of “eat your brains” which roughly translates to “steal the flag-football-style flags from your waistband and not eat them but rather simply take them from you”. So, it’s not really like eating your brains at all, we suppose. Still. You get chased by ravenous undead. And you get to live! Win-win, eh?

The fun doesn’t end there, as the event also includes bands, beer, and a fat guy in a Superman costume. For some reason. If that doesn’t sell you, quite frankly, I don’t know what will.

The only downside to these events, of course, is the frequency. The next one doesn’t take place again until March. In my home state of Georgia. So yeah. My cohorts in New York may get to go to NYCC and meet Mr. T look-a-likes, but here in the south, we get to get our squishy parts munched on proper-like, y’all.

Source: Run For Your Lives

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  1. I’ve wanted to join this race. We just had one recently in my country last Saturday – city already ran by zombies + at night + forces of nature (sort of heavy rains and winds from a passing tropical storm)

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