True Confessions of a Geek

As you know, the core founders of the Noisecast (maybe you know this) came together after an exodus from the seedy internet empire known as Gawker media. Far from the place crumbling, it seems to be more powerful than ever. I guess old saint Nick was right, we were holding the place back ;).

That’s neither here nor there. We Noisecasters went into exile from Gizmodo, but what many don’t realize is that a similar exodus happened empire-wide (yes, even Fleshbot. It’s users finally discovered pornhub). The sister site, io9 also had its own pioneers.

A few Niners (which is what we call ourselves) formed their own blog unit called Stellar Four. I assure you they are both stellar, and number four. For a brief introduction into what they’re about, you can take a quick read here. The blog has been going quite well and a lot of extraordinary material comes out of those ladies. They recently began a series called: True Confessions of a Geek. as the name indicates, these are geeks confessing their deepest darkest geek secrets.

I have a confession to make. When I have sex, pre-coital, I quote Jabba the Hutt in his language: “Mmmmmm. Uga. Spasteelia a bunkadunka. Race a spuce adoobla.” (Welcome! Let the race begin).  And then when I’m done and ready to pull out, I quote him again: “Solo! Hay lapa no ya, Solo!” (Solo! Come out of there, Solo!) I then follow this with ritualistic crying, and thanking her for her offering. But this is the part I’m most ashamed of. I then text my friends, “Qapla’!” (Success! in Klingon)

Look, I’m not weird. I merely choose to interact with the universe in the way that feels most comfortable to me. Anyway, for more wonderful confessions (more true than mine), you can check out the latest True Confessions. Don’t forget to submit your *True* confessions to submit your confessions as a JPEG in a form similar to what I posted here. I look forward to reading yours.

Source: Stellar Four: True Confessions of A Geek

5 thoughts on “True Confessions of a Geek”

  1. I feel like Marty Mcfly’s older brother right now – “When the hell did this happen?!”

    Any other Gawker refugee blogs I should know about, besides for Crasstalk?

    1. I’m sure there are others and some of the most productive ones are from Jezzies on Tumblr, but Stellar Four is the only one I follow actively. I don’t even bother with crasstalk. I should look in there again. Is Yippayap still going?

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