Steve Jobs, Immortalized on iPhone Cases

Here’s a first. Never have I ever seen a memorial plastered on a plastic cell phone case for all the world to see.

What if the person being memorialized on that cell phone case, took huge part in creating the cell phone it was made for? Is it a respectful gesture? Or are people just trying to profit off the death of Steve Jobs?

We were all saddened a bit when we heard the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. Millions of people expressed their thoughts and feelings across Facebook, twitter, blogs and many other types of social networks. Some folks even changed their profile photos and/or avatars for a few days in honor of him. I’m still seeing a few here and there.

But this? I’m not even sure where I stand on this. I’ve never really seen anything like it. I’d understand if someone was a true, die-hard fan of Jobs and Apple and wanted to show… no screw that. Not OK.

This is wrong, inappropriate, and beyond tacky. Some people in the world are so money hungry, the tiniest spec of human moral is uncaringly tossed out the window, all for a few measly dollars. The creators of cases like these, as well as their cheap copycats, are trying (and probably succeeding) to make money off of the emotions and vulnerability of others.

It’s sad and I don’t think Steve would have stood behind something like this either.

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