Stephen Elop: First Nokia WP7 devices to be unveiled in a few weeks

The long wait is finally coming to an end for those waiting on Nokia to showcase its first Windows Phone 7 device. Eight months after Nokia decided to ditch Symbian for WP7, Stephen Elop says that we will see the first handsets from the partnership in the coming weeks. All hints point to the Nokia World trade show that is happening in London on October 26 and 27, so expect to know what Nokia has headed your way before the month is over. Will that device or devices be shipping in time for the holiday season? Traditionally, Nokia has shipped phones about six months after announcing them but the new executive blood, new direction, and a smartphone landscape dominated by Android and iOS may prompt Nokia to rethink its old ways. Microsoft and Nokia are tied at the hip as Nokia is planning on re-entering the U.S. high-end phone market after being virtually non-existent the last few years and Microsoft needs Nokia to help push its platform out there as a serious competitor to iOS and Android. Nokia’s smartphones have been known to contain some serious horsepower and high-end components under their hoods in the past (even though those devices never made it out of shuttering Nokia Stores in the U.S.) and a powerful and fresh operating system like WP7 may be just what both Microsoft and Nokia need to gain some strong footing in the smartphone race.

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