Leaked Amazon Kindle Fire pre-order numbers suggest biggest tablet launch in history

Cult of Android claims that they have some screenshots of the Amazon Kindle Fire’s pre-order numbers straight from a verified source inside the retail giant, and if they are true, the Fire pre-order numbers are ablaze. According to the screenshots, the Fire is ringing up over 2,000 pre-orders per hour, or a little over 50,000 pre-orders per day. That puts the total units pre-ordered at 250,000 so far. For comparison, the original iPad posted 300,000 day one sales and the iPad 2 did approximately 500,000 sales on launch day. The Fire doesn’t go on sale until November 15 so it is very likely that the 500,000 mark will be passed by then. However, these are pre-order numbers, and pre-order numbers don’t count as sales numbers. Cancellations do happen and November is a long time away, giving plenty of room for any PR disaster to happen during that time frame that can shoot down Amazon’s hopes.

Although the Kindle Fire is getting pre-ordered like crazy, the Kindle Touch isn’t putting up numbers that quickly. Only 20,000 Kindle Touch pre-orders have been place and 12,000 Kindle Touch 3G pre-orders. That doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for the e-ink devices as it is a whole different market they cater to and Amazon has never revealed Kindle sales numbers in the past, so you can’t draw a comparison with these numbers. One thing is for certain: Amazon has definitely hit the consumer sweet spot with the Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Touch WiFi pre-order numbers
Amazon Kindle Touch 3G pre-order numbers

Source: Cult of Android

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