Siri on an iPhone 4/iPod Touch?

Siri. On a device that isn’t the iPhone 4S. If it sounds too good to be true, unfortunately it is; at least for now. In the latest round of hacks from the iOS jailbreaking community comes video of the 4th generation iPod Touch seamlessly running Siri, Apple’s latest and greatest iOS addition.

Back when Apple introduced the latest iPhone, we were given the sad news that Siri would be exclusive to the iPhone 4S though many had hoped it would be part of the iOS 5 bundle. After all, Siri is without a doubt one of the better pieces of voice recognition/command software available on any platform. Now it seems that jailbreak devs, Steve Troughton-Smith and Chpwn, have unlocked the secret to running Siri on jailbroken iOS devices.

Sadly, both Troughton-Smith and Chpwn have issued the disclaimer that it is not ready for distribution citing the following: “Unfortunately, we can’t explain how it’s done — it’s also not possible just using publicly available tools, so that wouldn’t be useful anyway.”

All hope is not lost however, as an inevitable iPhone 4S jailbreak becomes available we should expect Siri to be ported to non-iPhone 4S devices far easier than what Troughton Smith and Chpwn have alluded to. It goes without saying that Apple will most likely respond to any iPhone 4S jailbreaks and Siri ports with iOS updates that will make that work useless; after all you’d image that they’ll do what they can to protect their rumored $200M acquisition of the company that brought us Siri.

Let the cat and mouse games begin.

Source: PC Mag

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