Adobe shows off Touch Apps, releases Flash Player 11 and AIR 3

Did you know that Adobe has been having its MAX conference since October 1 and it continues through October 5? Cupertino who? Apple iWhat? That’s right, despite the spat Adobe and Apple are having, Adobe was unfazed by Apple’s decision to perform its iPhone 4S launch during the middle of its annual conference and made some pretty big announcements so far that I don’t believe should be overlooked. It may be turning into an HTML5 world out there but Adobe is showing that it is prepared to survive even the coldest of winters. After announcing hardware accelerated Flash Player 11 and AIR 3, Adobe revealed that it those technologies are quietly shifting to your living room. New abilities such as full HD video as well as Dolby and DTS 7.1 surround sound have prompted companies like Samsung, LG, and TiVO and others to integrate those platforms into their upcoming devices. AIR 3 is further giving the raspberry to Apple as it is proving to be a true cross-platform app framework, allowing developers to easily create AIR apps that work seamlessly on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs, and more. Adobe is making it quite clear that it can’t be bullied out of the game that easily.

Adobe Touch Apps is a whole different and exciting ballgame. Adobe is throwing its hat into the cloud storage game with Creative Cloud, an online storage service that lets you sync, share, and view files between the desktop version of Adobe Creative Suite and the appropriate tablet Touch App. Leading the charge in the Touch Apps is Adobe Photoshop Touch, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Adobe took the best of Photoshop and made it into a tablet optimized beast that will bring lots of Photoshop goodness to iOS and Android tablet owners everywhere for about $10. Image editing, layers, effects, and more are all part of the program that will make both Photoshop pros and Photoshop newbies feel right at home.

Other apps include:

  • Adobe Collage – A way of sharing and collaborating with others on ideas and concepts via the Creative Cloud.
  • Adobe Debut – Allows you to present Creative Suite files in a tablet-friendly format and lets your clients easily give feedback with the markup pen tool.
  • Adobe Ideas – Think Adobe Illustrator unleashed in tablet form. It’s a vector drawing app that lets you go wild with either your fingers or a stylus.
  • Adobe Kuler – Create and share color themes with others. Make themes from a photo or through individual colors. There’s tons of presets built in that can be easily exported to other Adobe projects and software as swatches.
  • Adobe Proto – For the mobile or web developer, Proto allows you to make interactive wireframes of your projects and you can either share them or export them automatically to HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Overall Adobe unleashed some pretty exciting products and features at MAX and Photoshop Touch will be a definite hit in the App Store (which should make Jobs Cook & Co. cringe just a bit) and the Android Market. Hit up the Touch Apps source link for a full rundown of all the Touch Apps have to offer.

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