Jack Ma is “very interested” in buying Yahoo

The prospects of Jack Ma’s Alibaba buying out Yahoo just inched a step closer to reality. Can you tell which Noisecast blogger is super ecstatic about this news? Jack Ma was chillin with his homies participating in a forum at Stanford University when he was asked directly if his company was going to snatch up Yahoo.

We are very interested in Yahoo. Our Alibaba group is important to Yahoo and Yahoo is important to us…All the serious buyers interested in Yahoo have talked to us.

Yahoo owns about 40% of Alibaba but Jack Ma has made it perfectly clear over the last year that buying back that percentage and giving Yahoo the boot is inevitable. Ma’s statement at Stanford is the first time he has discussed buying Yahoo entirely as a principal player instead of just a partner. Alibaba’s strong presence in Asian markets can definitely help Yahoo bounce back quickly and strongly, especially if Ma decides to slice up Yahoo’s properties as private entities or spin offs in order to give them better creative autonomy.

Source: All Things D

2 thoughts on “Jack Ma is “very interested” in buying Yahoo”

  1. Only one thing is for certain here. Every time I wander back into Yahoo! mail, I get irritated. At the interface. Mail has actually done a pretty decent job with spam as of late. But that only took 10 years.

    I haven’t wandered beyond the walls of mail in quite a few years and will Google a story to see if someone else has it besides Yahoo! News. I won’t stray far from Google, but under Ma, I might feel compelled to visit.

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