Android YouTube schedules Ice Cream Sandwich stream for Oct 11, quickly removes it

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone, but the Ice Cream Sandwich launch event was accidentally confirmed on the Android Developers YouTube channel. A live stream was posted and scheduled for Tuesday October 11, 2011. That puts it right on par with the Samsung UNPACK event that is taking place that day to unveil the next Nexus flagship, the Nexus Prime. The live stream event was pulled just as quickly as it went up, so the only evidence of it is the above screenshot. Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to bridge the gap between Gingerbread and Honeycomb by creating a streamlined Android experience that works and feels well on both smartphones and tablets. Google chairman Eric Schmidt had mentioned previously that the next Android version was going to be announced either October or November of this year.

Update: We incorrectly reported the date to be October 12. The correct date was October 11, even though that now is moot. We apologize for the error.

Source: CNet

2 thoughts on “Android YouTube schedules Ice Cream Sandwich stream for Oct 11, quickly removes it”

  1. so here’s the thing – there’s a huge number of people saying they’re delaying it due to ‘not being ready’ as opposed to ‘respect for steve jobs’. i think those people are retards. 

    he was an awesome tech auteur – give him his due.

    1. Those people are also stupid because Samsung and Google would be shooting themselves in the foot amidst all the Apple sympathy and news. Announcing now would also be a marketing disaster as they would be fighting an uphill battle to get attention. Delaying it a few weeks is the best way to let the Apple-oriented frenzy to die off a bit. Right now people are all about Apple and Steve Jobs. They are more sympathetic to Apple products and therefore more likely to get the iPhone. Nexus Prime stands no chance to reach their full potential…right now. In a few weeks they’ll be back on target.

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