WP7 Mango update: T-Mo edition

T-Mobile is apparently sick of fielding calls about Mango updates. If they’ve already gotten calls that’s a good sign that people care about this OS, but that’s not the point. Mango is coming to T-Mo users soon, as in the next few weeks. The provided link (also linked in our sources) leads the user to a step-by-step for updating the phone, but doesn’t mention Mango specifically. However, it was edited in August, so it seems logical that it’s for Mango, unless they never got one together for NoDo.

If only they’d announced some updated devices to go with the OS. I guess T-Mo users stuck waiting for Nokia to bring their WP7 sexiness into the fight. I can’t wait for that pretty OS to sit on that pretty hardware. Maybe then in-store clerks would stop down-selling WP7.

Sources: WP Central, T-Mobile Support, Install Document

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