Warner Brothers Sets Sights High With New Facebook Show

Warner Brothers Digital Distribution announced today that they’re going to release an action comedy series called Aim High though Facebook. It will be produced by Warner Premier and Dolphin Entertainment. They’re calling it “the first-ever social series from a Hollywood Studio.”

Facebook will allow you to add your profile information by installing the Facebook app on the show’s page. This will enable you to get a personalized viewing that will allow you to see yourself or your friends integrated into selected scenes throughout the series in posters or bathroom graffiti.

The series, starring Jackson Rathbone, Aimee Teegarden and Greg Germann, follows the story of Nick Green, and his juggling of his studies and serving as one of 64 teenage government operatives, but he has the hots for Amanda Miles, who has an overprotective boyfriend who often threatens Nick.

Riveting I know. Who doesn’t want to watch highschool drama with spec ops mixed in? The show will premiere on October 18 on it’s Facebook page. So mark your calendars.

WBDD President Thomas Gewecke said in a statement, “Facebook is an increasingly influential destination for discovering and acquiring movie and television content. This effort takes video distribution to a whole new level by making the actual viewing experience personal and social in a truly innovative and entertaining way.”

If you’ll recall Warner Bros. started streaming movies for rent on Facebook around six months ago with the Dark Knight, and they see this as a chance to really bring in the viewers by putting them in a show. I’m not really sure how this will turn out, but it’s a novel idea, I’m just thinking that this will fall flat on it’s face. But they’re sure giving it their all.

Judging by what the show’s producer McG said in statement “The ability for fans to become part of a production by simply watching a show is truly revolutionary. I’m delighted that Aim High is the first to embrace this technology and I’m looking forward to including this in future productions.”

Only time will tell I suppose, but it seems they envisioning this to be the next hip thing to hit Facebook.

Source: ZDNet

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