Noisecast Roundup 9-29-2011: Firelight Edition

Sup folkles. I’m back. Another night, another roundup. Past the flush of Kindle fire. We’ve had our pagan moon, and battle’s been joined. Back to business. Let’s do this.

  • 30% of current HTC sales are WP7 devices. That’s… kind of a big deal.
    This is strange to me. HTC is the second largest Android manufacturer and one of the top mobile manufacturers. That should mean a lot of WP7 devices moving. No matter. More interesting is HTC’s positive outlook on WP7. They see it as a legitimate and an almost given competitor to Android.
  • India’s $35 Tablet Said To Begin Shipping in October.
    Finally! The future is here… in the palms of poor children in India. This is just one of many waves in the revolution of the brain. A revolution that is ironically leaving the developed world behind. $35 is still a fortune to the poorest people out there, but it’s a price point step in the direction of true universal ubiquity.
  • Microsoft Is Getting Serious About Xbox TV.
    No, really? Of course this was inevitable. Microsoft has been actively working on conquering your living room for nearly 15 years. I approve this move, as does Kevlar, apparently.
  • Nokia Isn’t out Of The Mobile OS Game Just Yet.
    Look, you can choose to get all huffy and puffy about this but I approve. Nokia can’t just ignore their largest segment. The segment that makes them the largest mobile device manufacturer on the planet. They’re not Netflix. *Too soon? (I admire Netflix’s conviction, by the way)

Epic Rap Battles Of History! FIGHT! This is the sickest rap battle ever. G’night!

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