Out of This World (Another World – UK) gets dolled up for iOS

You need this in your life!

Who says there isn’t anything worth playing on your iOS device? For those uninitiated or born after 1998, Out of This World was one of the hardest games I ever played in my life. It was a side-scroller, puzzle, action/adventure game all rolled in one. One of the things that made this game a standout in its day was the lack of a heads-up display and cinematic approach to moving the story forward; both features that are ubiquitous in video games today.

The iOS version of the game gets a nice visual upgrade without straying from the original’s minimalist aesthetics. In 1991 this game was gorgeous by being understated, the 20th Anniversary Edition brings that beauty to a generation that may be overly (wrongly) obsessed with textures and frame-rates. Simply put, this game is a beauty. From IGN’s review of the game, it appears that Out of This World will be making generous use of swipe and tap commands on the iPad but will also feature a more traditional on-screen D-pad option.

Check some game play footage below (via TouchArcade) and be sure to click that iTunes link below to enjoy this stellar game.

Hat tip to StyxaT

Sources: iTunes App Store, IGN Wireless UK

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