Mango set to start deploying on Sept 27

AT&T, the carrier that everyone loves to hate (and is also the strongest supporter of WP7) is supposedly set to begin deployment of Windows Phone 7.5 (or Mango) updates to 4 of their handsets as early as September 27, according to emails received by The emails state that the LG Quantum, HTC Surround and Samsung Focus should start getting the update notifications on Tuesday of this week, with the HD7S by HTC set to begin in October.

This statement is corroborated by a post on the WP7 blog last week stating that updates should start rolling out within “a week or two.” It seems that AT&T heard the complaints about the time it took for the NoDo update to hit, and since this is the biggest update since the OS was released last year ( and it contains all the features that levels the playing field)  it’s important for them to get this one out on time.

The WP7 team also urges users not to update with bootleg copies of Mango, as each phone has customized code that is required for a unified experience across different hardware. As for those of you who put the dev-release of Mango on your devices, you should remember to downgrade your phone to NoDo before the install, so you get all the applicable firmware updates.

Sources: Info World, WPCentral

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