Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition – Go get that!

Have an Xbox or PS3? Good. Now go download Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Depending on who you ask, Third Strike is the pinnacle of the Street Fighter franchise with it’s revolutionary parry system. Oh the quarters and time spent on this game. There’s a reason that this game continues to be a staple at EVO.

So what’s new? Aside from the updated HD sprites and online gaming, this version of Third Strike allows you to put up your conquests directly to YouTube. So when some doubts how awesome your Chun-Li is, you can just point them to your YouTube video. Also, for you overachievers out there, Third Strike OE includes a side panel provides different in match challenges. So go on and shoot for that 15-hit combo, just be sure to post it to YouTube.

Check our gallery below for some high-res goodness.

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