StatCounter: IE Drops Below 40% Marketshare For First Time Since 1998

Break out the champagne, nerds of the world. According to data from StatCounter, Sunday August 28th saw Internet Explorer’s marketshare numbers dip below what ConceivablyTech believes are 1998 levels. Largely at the expense of Google’s Chrome, with Firefox still taking a substantial portion of the market.

StatCounter is expected to share their monthly marketshare numbers on Thursday for the average numbers for the month of August, which are likely to place IE at 42%. This is still greater than Chrome’s roughly 25%, or Firefox’s nearly 28%. However, it’s becoming clear that IE is losing the market. Prior to March 2009, IE had over 60%. So, in about two and a half years, you nerds have succeeded in convincing 20% of the world’s web browser users (that is, everyone with a computer) to cut that mess out, for crying out loud.

Chrome is the big winner here. First released in September 2008, Chrome has scraped up 25% of the market in 3 short years, and doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon. This might come as a bit of a blow to the avid Firefox fans who were hoping that an independent, open source browser alternative would replace the corporate-owned entity we’ve all been cursed with up until now, but hey! Replacing one corporate-owned browser with a different corporate-owned browser is basically just as good, right? Right!


Whatever. I like it.

Source: ConceivablyTech

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