Episode 43 – Happy birthday Vitto, thanks for sitting this one out.

Welcome to another episode of the Noisecast. You know the spiel, so come holler. Notes after the jump, give it a listen right here:  
Episode 43 Topic List
Date: 08/28/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Callas, Gonzo, Eric, Ron, KEVLAR! GAY to be here!
  1. Apple eclipses Lenovo’s sales in emerging Chinese market… if you play fast and loose with the numbers– http://engt.co/opUg0R
  2. Spider Silk Used To Create Bulletproof Skin (maybe better for WTF?)- http://bit.ly/qQlOkf
  3. Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple: http://bit.ly/oCftGE
  4. GameStop brass instructs peons to remove bonus items because they have a somewhat similar service that may be coming out sometime in the future http://bit.ly/pOVMbV
  5. Apple is working on a television for 2012, sources say: http://bit.ly/nV gmcL
  6. RIM Unveils “New” Phone | http://bit.ly/oPCyei
  7. Windows 95 is 15 Years Old Today http://bit.ly/nYfbQH
  8. Samsung Claims ‘2001’ As Prior Art in Apple Patent Case: http://goo.gl/o9qhA
  9. After Facebook Kills Places, Deals is Next to Go | http://bit.ly/nIBHqP

WTF! News

  1. White American men in rural areas are the most likely to die during dumb macho stunts. Not so much WTF as No Duh.  http://on.io9.com/qjUG2R
  2. FLORIDA: Quadriplegic man assaulted by neighbor with a fish: http://sunsent.nl/r0unNh
  3. Sex-crazed man crashes stolen semi into adult store, steals $800 sex toys – Cleveland, OH http://bit.ly/nqRn6G
  4. Greek police launch undercover investigation to take down a violent doughnut ring. Callas must know them, because they are Greek and I’m racist. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/08/23/greek-police-smash-violent-doughnut-ring/
  5. Man Allegedly Fondles 7-Year-Old Girl’s Feet In Queens Library: http://goo.gl/B65pL
  6. Police: N.H. man, 23, used diaper scam to lure woman: http://goo.gl/qtNaq