Holy Balls, Google+ Has 25 Million Users Already

You guys remember that Google+ thing that totally fizzled out never to be heard from again? Oh, sorry. I seem to be thinking about Buzz. Google+ isn’t Buzz. Google+ is the social networking service that accumulated 25 million users in less than a month. Yeah. 25 million. One month.

Less than a month, actually. To put that number in perspective, Twitter, which has been around since 2006, has a userbase of about 200 million. Google+ is about 1/8th the size of Twitter, or about 1/30th the size of Facebook. Not a significant enough of a percentage to dethrone anyone yet, but given that neither Twitter nor Facebook had reached even close to this level of users within their first month, it’s also nothing to sneeze at.

Perhaps the more important aspect of the story here, however, is that Google+ has not crashed and burned. If you’ve been around for any of Google’s other social networking forays (Buzz, Orkut), that’s a pretty big deal.

Google’s created something that people like. A lot of people. 25 million people, and that’s with a significant invite-only handicap for much of its very short life. If Google can keep up this level of growth, and if they can keep people interested in their platform, they may just be able to make a name for themselves in this whole social networking thing after all.

Source: Bloomberg

3 thoughts on “Holy Balls, Google+ Has 25 Million Users Already”

  1. To be fair, the exclusivity of Facebook in its first few months (and even years) prevented it from reaching these numbers.  When you have a finite number of potential subscribers, it’s not possible to go beyond that number.

    1. Kristopher Tope

      And also to be fair, Google+ would have a hell of a lot more users right now if they hadn’t cut off new registrations.  I was late to sign up, now I’m on a waiting list to join.  If the 25,000,000+ users in 1 month is any indication (spoiler: it is), there are several million waiting for a chance to join as well.

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