AnonPlus Hacked; AnonOps says “You can ignore it”

Anon Plus Lede Image

Just a day after Anonymous hacked the Syrian Ministry of Defense, an Anonymous friendly site, was hacked by a group calling themselves the SyRian Cyb3r Army. The SyRian Cyb3r Army accused Anonymous operatives of supporting terrorists with their take down of the Ministry of Defense website.

The very not suitable for work link here.

Though it’s pretty clear that an ongoing battle is being waged on the internet, it’s unclear just how important the SyRian Cyb3r Army’s victory was to Anonymous as a whole. When questioned about the attack, the person(s) managing one of the AnonOps twitter handles replied thusly:

“Anonplus is a dinky blog run by Fro, and he’s purposefully not securing the box to gain notoriety (or something). You can ignore it”

At the time of this writing AnonPlus is back to normal but the battle for notoriety, infamy, and lulz rages on.


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