Who wants free coffee?

Get a coffee. Give a coffee

I will answer all your comments before I tell you how it’s done:

  1. So what? It’s free.
  2. Don’t know how legit it is or if they’ll suspend this account.
  3. Because it’s free.

Great, now that we got that out of the way, twitter/facebook user Jonathan Starks is letting you use his Starbucks account to buy yourself some coffee. It’s actually all pretty simple, copy the image of his card onto your smartphone to use at the register and buy yourself a cup of coffee or whatever else you want. Like I said, simple.

The idea for Jonathan’s Card came from the convenience store adage: “get a penny, leave a penny” and applied to digital currency for tangible goods. Sure we may be guinea pigs in some great elaborate social media experiment, but I need coffee and sometimes it just feels good to do something nice.

Jonathan Starks has amassed over 8K followers on twitter where he updates followers on how much money is on the card and also asks for your kind donations. Hit the source link for instructions on how to get a coffee and (very important) how to give a coffee.

Hat tip to Git Em Steve Dave

Source: Jonathan Stark

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