Episode 37 Show Notes: Jump The Shark != Jump The Gun

Oh hey there. So, the next episode is a little late. Apologies. A slight oversight on my part. After SO MANY people threw a fit and gave me a hard time about it, I finally got around to posting it. SO MANY of you missed this and were fiending for it. Let’s get on with this, the notes after the jump but you can listen here.

Episode 37 Topic List
Date: 7/17/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Gonzo, Marian, Vitto

  1. Not tech news but still worth the geek chuckle. 10 Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Lines from Science Fiction and Fantasy http://on.io9.com/qettUT
  2. Netflix raises rates http://t.co/coz2AVk
  3. Why Apple’s ITC patent victory over HTC Android phones is scary – http://t.co/toaArrP
  4. Belgian newspaper sues Google and wins, Google trolls them by removing them from their index: http://t.co/oVTZriY
  5. Apple kicks Samsung to the curb – http://bit.ly/qZkfFD
  6. Anyone used Spotify yet? Thoughts. Yes we nailed it, btw.
  7. The truth about NASA’s space tech spinoffs – http://t.co/RBtDQqi
  8. YouTube Kills Lady Gaga’s YouTube Channel For Copyright Violations http://t.co/atNNQog
  9. Microsoft says it will have a ‘single ecosystem’ for PCs, tablets, phones, and TVs… and is ‘Windows’ dead? |  http://t.co/CN0klPN
  10. JUST SAW THIS:: Facebook bans Google+ ads: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-20080054-71/facebook-bans-google-ad/

WTF! News

  1. Robber who broke into hair salon beaten up by black-belt owner and kept as sex slave for three days… fed only Viagra | Mail Online http://bit.ly/mQOGi4 old news : http://onforb.es/pC7SYI still WTF
  2. Man  gets pissed he was busted for kissing kids, goes on child porn sending rampage http://bit.ly/pflCIu
  3. Colo. woman accused of groping TSA agent in Ariz. – http://t.co/wgc9i84
  4. 3 girls busted for illegal lemonade stand – http://t.co/71XGuHq
  5. Florida news:: 2 Arrested after finding goats, guinea pigs, ducks etc etc.. in a van! http://bit.ly/ok5mpf – in the BANG BUS guy’s van http://bit.ly/pMEdST


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