Noisestash: The $5 billion yacht

When you or I splurge it usually involves adding extra cheese or bacon to our sandwich, or buying a more expensive bottle of beer. When billionaires splurge, it usually involves spending insane amounts of money on trivial items that serve only as a symbol of status. So when an unnamed Malaysian businessman spends $4.88 billion (£3 billion) on a gold-and-platinum-plated, diamond-encrusted superyacht, that stereotype is heavily reinforced. The 100 foot yacht is conveniently (and terribly) named The History Supreme and was made by British company Stuart Hughes over the course of three years.

The yacht is actually a modified Italian-built Baia One Hundred and is so heavily customized with gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious metals that it weighs a whopping 180 metric tons, 80 of which are the weight of the original boat. To put that into perspective, 165,000 tons of gold have been mined on Earth as of 2009, meaning that almost 1% of the Earth’s gold is on this little ship. But will she sail? According to Stuart Hughes the boat will kept in dry dock, so don’t expect any maiden voyages of this ludicrous showboat to make any headlines.

As for who owns this boat, there are only three people in Malaysia with enough money to afford such a beast, one of which is a woman (the term “businessman” was specifically used to describe the owner). That leaves either Robert “The Sugar King of Asia” Kuok or telecom mogul Ananda Krishnan, and considering how low of a profile Krishnan likes to keep I’d speculate that this piece of bling belongs to Kuok. Here’s some more pics of The History Supreme for you to look at and ponder what sort of world problems you would solve with the cash used to buy this yacht. Note that all of these pics are Photoshopped as no pictures of the actual yacht exist yet, which has led to some speculation amongst luxury and boating enthusiasts.

Source: Metro

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