Photoshop Contest: Create A New Species [UPDATED!] (ACTUALLY WIN SOMETHING)

Bred for its skills in magic.

We all saw Napoleon Dynamite right? Well then you remember the Liger. Half Tiger, half Lion, as magical as an Apple product, and 101% bad ass. Now it’s your turn.

Let your imagination run wild and come up with some sort of weird looking animal. Mix a penguin and giraffe, or a sea horse and a bear, whatever you want. WARNING: Please do not actually try to breed these animals and snap a photo. Animals have been known to be animals, and as such, they could kill you. So keep your tom-foolery in photoshop and use those mad skills to concoct something magnificent!

Feeling ambitious? Don’t want to let the “man” keep you down with his “rules” on how many animals you should mix together for a photoshop contest?

Screw it then, mix 3 together! You’ll show them. Those conformists! Damn them!

Feeling more ambitious than that last poser who only mixed 3 animals together? Mix 4 then! Fight the powers that be! Blah Blah! Anarchist blather!

You get the idea.



This just in:

Our own Michael Pitts has kindly put up prizes for this weeks contest!

1st prize: Worms: Reloaded (for Steam)

2nd and 3rd prize: Absolutely Nothing.


There’s only one catch: We need to get at least 5 entries to do so. Not because of any weird laws, but because we want at least 5 entries. So tell yo kids, tell yo wife, and get photoshoppin’ up in here.


Rules for entry:

– All submissions must be in .jpg or .gif format, less than 800k.

– No animated gifs.

– Please title the file with whatever name you’d like to be credited with (ex: Ron.jpg, FartyMcMly.gif, weeeee.jpg)

– All entries must be received no later than Wednesday, July 20th!

Email your entries to:

Get Shoppin!

17 thoughts on “Photoshop Contest: Create A New Species [UPDATED!] (ACTUALLY WIN SOMETHING)

  1. I take it the last one was a bust? This one should fare better. Hopefully.

    Any challengers?

    1. Hell there’s even a Ti-liger. When a Tiger or a Lion mates with a Tigon/Liger. I saw one on the Dirty Jobs.

  2. I hope I get 2nd or 3rd . . . Absolutely nothing is what my boss promised me for my christmas bonus, so I’m hoping to two of them! 

  3. In my head I crossed a pig with a ladybug.  Then, I crossed a kitten with a dragon.  Last step, bastard ladypig had babies with fire breathing kitty.  If I had time, I would photoshop.  Alas, I have finals.  Do I win?

  4. I was going to do Nancy Pelosi crossed with skelletor, but I googled Nancy Pelosi and realized she already looks like skelletor . . . oh well  

  5. I have neither photoshop nor photoshop skills, but would love to participate. What other options are available to me besides performing bizarro taxidermy on my daughter’s stuffed animals? 

    1. Gimp-

      It has a slight learning curve compared to PS, so I’ve heard. I’ve never used PS, so I wouldn’t know. If you need any help, hit me up on #fbwn.

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