Noisecast Roundup: We dun goof’d

Well, we didn’t goof on the Spotify bit. Thanks to Eric for nailing that one on the 10-day-window head. We all got a little nervous there towards the end, but today Spotify showed up and we rejoiced.

As far as the roundup, however, we dun goofed. Sorry about that, there was a complete lack of … roundup. I blame someone else.

For those interested, here are the links that he shared:

Apple Sells 11 percent of all computers in the US in the last quarter.

That makes them third of all manufacturers, behind HP and Dell. Acer took a dive as Netbook sales dropped (because the suck and can’t handle modern browsers and any website with more than HTML) Granted, they’re in a distant third, but it’s still a statement of their marketing prowess.

RIM said to be prepping Apple TV competition

File this solidly under “WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?” I mean, it’s RIM, previous king of the enterprise mobile environment, researching a home media box. I mean, it’s not exactly a huge market, but they do have to hit the $99 price tag. Granted, it seems to include Netflix, YouTube (why is this a “feature?”) and will share media that’s on the same Wi-Fi network. I dare say if they can 1) actually produce it under $99 and 2) Market it without tying it to the Blackberry name and image they might succeed.

Android Activation numbers up to 550,000 a day.

Aside from that linking directly to TechCrunch’s new design (the logo looks like Doom), this number is huge. It’s also directly from Larry Page at the Google Earnings Call. That’s an increase of 50,000 devices a day from just sixteen days ago. Now, Google licenses it for free in the hopes that Ad revenue will earn them cash. With that many devices activating per day, I doubt they’re hurting.

Callas style Segue- Android is now on 130 million devices.

(You like that? I’m smoother than Ron, also with less skinny jean) Anywho, 130 million devices and 6 billion-with-a-B app downloads. That’s quite an achievement. With Android growth placed at 4.4% week-over-week, this upward trend doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon (although logically, it has to slow eventually.)

University of Washington receives a $18.5 million grant to join man and machine.

So simulating the human brain is too far in the future, apparently. For now, we’ll just meld man and machine. UW has gotten this grant to push the limits of robotics and possibly prosthetics. “It will combine advances in robotics, neuroscience, electromechanical devices and computer science to restore or augment the body’s ability for sensation and movement.” (I’m drunk and a little too lazy to put a proper summary up here.)

So I forgot to add: How to get Spotify without an invite.

I’ve done this, it works. I am trying the free version, and it seems to work well enough. Also, drinking more and writing isn’t working as well as I’d hoped. Yay, professionalism!

Want more miscommunication? Here ya go!

Also of note, I drew a mustache on Agrippa in the first picture, and no one noticed.

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