Noisecast Roundup 07/11/2011

Alright, at this point you know the drill. Do I need to break it down for you? This is the roundup. We take the herp and round it up like derp. Let’s do this.

  • The Nook color leads the E Reader Market for the first time ever.
    Holy Hannah! This is huge. The E Reader domain has been the exclusive playground of the Kindle for a while but the Nook color provided a little something something. Now it reigns supreme, but for how long? This non-Amazon related news has done more to assure me of the coming release of Amazon tablets than anything else. Let the games begin.
  • Apple could ditch Samsung as parts supplier over current spat.
    Well, this is believable. Would it bother Samsung? Doubtful. Apple may have the largest market cap in the tech space, but Samsung is the largest tech company in the world. It is Umbrella Corporation on steroids. The Apple deal is a paltry few billion dollars for them. They likely won’t lose any sleep. However, I find it surprising that there isn’t some sort of lock-in deal. We’ll see. Either way, there are lots of component suppliers as far as Apple is concerned, and Samsung may be a little concerned because they recently lowered their profit outlook because of a drop in component orders. I do not have a split personality, I realize that I just negated, with the second half, what i said in the first half. Life is complicated. Deal with it.
  • Microsoft has now sold 400 million Windows 7 licenses.
    That is huge. it is their fastest moving OS. Added to the pressure on XP users, and the approaching launch of Windows 8, I see a bright future for the OS (though a dim one for IE, despite its massive improvements). Still, 400 million licenses, is huge and it is still not as large as XP market penetration. However, XP has been around for a long time. Give it time, homebrizzles.
  • Apple is number one despite having only two phones in the market.
    We’ll file this under, duh. Seriously. Apple is on a tear. And the massacre will only become more intense as time goes on. Add the ascension of the iPad, even/especially among Android users, and I see a flat, minimalistic, Cupertino future for us all. Save us Metro UI, you’re our only hope. Mainly because WebOS and RIM are retarded. But still, a calling is a calling.

Let this be a lesson to you. Bruce Lee would kick your ass.

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  1. Wireless charging means a big charging mat, which will probably run off of the same USB to 30 pin cable that the idevices uses, so you don’t need to take the entire mat with you when you travel, plus you are still required to use a computer with the iPhone til iOS5. 

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