Google Says No Plus for Businesses – Right Now

We sure do love Google Plus. I can’t stop writing about it. But you may have noticed that we (the Noisecast) do not have a Google Plus account with which to share our brilliant scribbles you while you’re circling, sparking and hanging out.

That’s because Google has requested that businesses and other non-human entities (sorry, Agrippa) not use Google Plus for now. This is entirely understandable, as they’re still trying to tweak the consumer interface, and shouldn’t have to worry about all the things that a typical business cares about (analytics, mainly).

Google knows that they make their ad revenue from the user, not from businesses, so the decision isn’t surprising, but they’ve never been one to shun any user. We’ve requested to be part of the business test program, as well as be notified when they open up for all business type pages.

Source: LA Times

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  1. I was actually just wondering the same thing myself, as I came by to get my daily does of The Noisecast.

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