Swiffy: Google’s lesser known product release of the day

Yes Google+ stole the spotlight today but Google also announced Swiffy, a free tool that converts Flash to HTML5. You need a WebKit capable browser to use it so Safari and Chrome users should have no problem using the tool. The concept is very simple: you put a SWF file in and out comes a nice HTML5 JSON version of the same file. You are limited to file sizes of 512KB (which I learned after trying to upload a Flash animation that was a bit on the heavier side) and it does not support audio (which I learned after searching for a sub 512KB flash file with audio and ended up with some really lame Christmas Elf animation). However, basic interactivity like mouse and keyboard input is supported. Although this doesn’t quite help people who want to convert larger movie files, it is just a demo of how powerful internet tools have become. Hit the break for an example of a walking frog pimp in Flash and HTML 5 form and hit the source link for the Swiffy site and some more examples.

Flash SWF


Source: Swiffy

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    1. Yeah, it does, which is why I put a demo that wasn’t from the Google site. Companies tend to put the picture-perfect versions on display. This is a small and free 50k Flash file I found so it’s very basic. It’s not a perfect conversion but it’s pretty damn near.

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