Noisecast Roundup: 06-28-2011

Welcome to another edition of the roundup. I’m on the run so this one is going to be mercifully brief. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

  • Why is European Broadband faster and cheaper?
    We begin with a poignant question. Why does the USA suck so hard at Broadband? Turns out, it’s because there’s more competition in Europe, rather than monopolies by massive broadband providers. You remember the term competition right? That thing that we in the USA as a capitalist free market system defend, you know, if our monopolistic corporate overlords allow us to, that is. Who cares if we don’t approve, disapproval requires us to get our fat asses off the couch at some point and Jersey Shore is on, so… you know… maybe later.
  • Zynga IPO might be tomorrow.
    Not a surprise, really. I know it’s getting old asking this question, but is the Zynga model sustainable? I mean, it has been thus far, but how long can it go? I’m inclined to believe it may actually always pull in more revenue than Facebook (barring some change in the way Facebook does business). Why? Because I look at World of Warcraft and realize that WoW is to Xbox360 and PS3 what Zynga is to the Wii. In other words, it opens up the world of persistent online gaming to the average. If I know one thing, it’s that profits can always be found by catering to the base denominator.
  • No second iPhone in September, just the iPhone 4S.
    I’ll spare you the insults I have for analysts. (I’m referring to the one from yesterday’s roundup). This was my point. They take incomplete information and then guess nonsense. I said, the “iPhone5” is probably just the “iPhone 4S” and some idiot analyst saw concurrent rumors and thought “oh looky, two phones, I are clerevest in room!” There were two lines of rumors which added credence to two phones but normally Apple has a million and one concurrent rumors swarming it. Go back to sorcery school, “analyst.”
  • Office 365 is live.
    Back’s against the wall, increasing competition from Google and others. Office is the flagship, Microsoft had to make a move. The move looks good enough for now. Let’s see where this goes.

Here’s one of the introductory videos to the Google+ project

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