Noisecast Roundup: Stars, Hackers, and Surviving Armageddon

We here at the Noisecast believe in ensuring our readership is safe no matter what dangers may rear their ugly heads. Hell that’s why we spent a week doing this. So after digging through the archives my twitter mentions, this gem from @MyL1ttlePwny was a must for all our readers:

Now that you’re set for a nuclear holocaust, on to the roundup.

A couple of years ago, Citigroup said they were “too big to fail.” But fail is exactly what just happened, a really, REALLY BIG FAIL.

All this talk about hackers, it’s like not a day goes by without some company’s security being breached. Since we’re riding the hacker trend on these roundups, Business Insider put together a list of 11 hackers you may have heard of.

Today’s Google Doodle was awesome; I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the birthday of guitar god Les Paul. This article by The Washington Post can help you play your heart out.

It’s summer so that means beach reading. Oh, the beach is not your cup of tea? Well where ever you go Wired says we should read this.

The VLT Survey Telescope in the Atacama Desert is gonna give pictures like these (click the image for the full story):


What did the ocean look like before we started over fishing? According to the Guardian, it was filled with fish. Go figure.

In the on going battle between Apple and Amazon over the “App Store” name; Apple doesn’t want an “inferior” experience taint their brand.

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  1. After some reconsideration and some image manipulation, I propose to rename Swan Nebula, Abstract Chicken Nebula.

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