Noisecast Roundup: Plus Means More

The big news today is Google+. Lots of invites went out last night, and our own Eric wrote up his thoughts on it. I will probably have some things to say about it, but I will wait a little to let my thoughts simmer.

So we’re jumpin’ in after the break. Grab a cold one and cruise on in.

Even though other sources say that Android is picking up, Nielsen says otherwise.

We’ve pointed out that Android activation numbers are on the rise, Nielsen begs to differ. saying that they’re currently on the decline.

My____ has been sold for $35million, and no one really cares.

People wonder why it still exists at all, others scoff at the idea that it was sold for a pittance compared to the it’s projected worth of $12billion in 2007. I think Google+ already has more active users than Myspace.

Don’t forget, the Steam Summer Sale is on now.

It’s not like you liked that money anyway. Just hand it on over. Don’t forget to check back every day for more wallet-draining deals.

California starts taxing online purchases.

Of course, the Golden State is in financial trouble, so they want this to help keep the state from sinking too far. This has caused Overstock and Amazon to stop working with California internet affiliates, unless they move out the state. This has happened in every state that has tried taxing online purchases, so I’ll just go on the record that the last state to pass these laws will be the one with all the affiliates paying income tax.

So Apple douchery isn’t limited to college kids.

Like that overly screechy headline? I made that up myself.  Anyway, this quote stands out to me:

“Money shouldn’t be an issue when you’re employed at Apple.” Instead, managers said, the chance to work at Apple “should be looked at as an experience.”

I guess the fact that you sell MacBooks is something that pays the rent better than… well, pay.

Facebook is screaming “DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!”

I guess after all the buzz that’s going around, the current social media giant might be a little worried about their status. They’ve teased an “awesome” launch next week. We’ll see how fast it takes to crash Chrome.

Hackers take down Al-Qaeda communications network.

Not sure if this is a US CyberCommand op being sold as anonymous hackers, or if a bunch of smart folks got bored enough to piss all over the network used by my least favorite bunch of mouthbreathers. Either way, it’s lols for me.

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  1. You forgot that Justin Timberlake is one of the investors in Myspace. Hahaha. What was he thinking? *smh*

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