Noisecast Roundup: Nasa B Gone

Well, the Endeavor landed safely last night, and the Atlantis is sitting on deck. I am kinda sad to see the end of this era, but I am glad to see that we’re retiring some well-used equipment before it becomes a little less safe.

Tonight we’ve got some stuff. Stuff like WebOs, Windy Red China, Supreme Court, Twitter, AT&T-Mobile, Google and Apple. You know, the usual gang. Play this classic song while you read the rest of the roundup after the break:

HP is interested in licensing WebOS.

This is pretty cool, because we don’t have enough diversity in the mobile fanboy meetings these days. But seriously, the OS was well received by reviewers and fanboys alike, and still has a large homebrew following. If you let that OS into the hands of a capable handset manufacturer like HTC, you never know what you’ll get.

Twitter is upping the game within their game.

Twitter, for all the revolutionary-ness of it, has started losing some of it’s power to third party resources. Things like buying Tweetdeck and their new integrated photo service are their way of getting back into the fight they should have already won. You don’t see alternate photo services for Facebook do you? Nope.

Apple security circumvented 8 hours after release.

Well, that didn’t take too long. 8 hours after Apple released their MacDefender Defender, it’s already been made obsolete. Honestly, if you want something done, piss off a bunch of programmers.

AT&T-Mobile merger being fought by Sprint.

Even though Sprint once swallowed Nextel in a similar move, they are now filing to stop the merger of the two GSM providers. Of course, now that they’ve got a lot to lose, it doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, there are lots of decent arguments on both sides, but everyone just wants a cheap, good cell service.

Eric Schmidt admits he missed the mark on social networking.

Google, for all their omnipotent power and constant finger on the pulse of the web, did certainly miss the mark on their own social network. Schmidt spoke at the D9 conference this morning, and mentioned how he “screwed up” and is taking responsibility for Google’s failure in the social aspect of the web.

Google unleashes early sales on Chromebook, and sells out.

If you applied for a CR-48, you probably got an email today about an opportunity to bet an early buy on the Chromebook throught Gilt,  an online Members-Only sales club.  Well, they’re sold out of the Samsung Chromebook now, as well as the specially designed sleeve that came along with the purchase. There’s still a chance to get on the waiting list, but I say just take your current computer and put Chrome on fullscreen.

China blows. Specifically, blows the US out of the air in terms of wind power capability.

Well, they probably just order minions to do it, but they’re still winning. China has been throwing tons of effort at the alternative energy market, probably because 1) oil is expensive 2) windmills provide power to isolated areas that would otherwise require tons of power lines. Either way, they’re not green enough for us to forget how red they are.

Herp Derp Court: You can still be at fault if you ignore patent infringement.

Not that I’m against the ruling, but this really shouldn’t have to be stated by the US Supreme Court. If you know that you’re stealing a patent, but no one has pointed it out, you’re still wrong. Even though the ruling is about a home deep-frying system, it might start bouncing around the tech field in the form of even more useless lawsuits!

Samsung is trying to get sneak peek at unannounced Apple products.

Apple(s lawyers) requested and got samples of Samsung’s newest devices in order to decide if they should be included in recent patent lawsuits. Well, Samsung echoed the move, and is now asking for samples of Apple’s next gen products, that haven’t been seen, much less acknowledged to exist. Interesting. Of course, only Samsung’s lawyers would get the eyes on, not engineers, but I bet Apple fights this one tooth and nail.

Google dons cape, defeats nefarious apps, again.

Google has once again removed malware from the Android marketplace. Again, these were supposedly useful apps that requested your private data and sent it to their respective spam farms. Good on you Google, BAD ON YOU, Android owners who don’t pay attention to what you allow on your phone.



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