Noisecast Roundup: Late night edition

Hey guys, EnosonE here and it’s time for another Noisecast Roundup. I’ve got no music to share today, instead just a reminder why it’s always better to leave than to cheat.

If it’s any consolation Dave, that’s one monstrosity of a truck so you probably could just move into it, set up a mobile hotspot on your phone and read the rest of the round up after the jump! (Image originally posted on Jalopnik)

Jurassic Park lied to me. They lied to us all. You can’t make dinosaurs out of mosquitos. Chickens though, are an entirely different matter. (via Dvice)

Jurassic Park isn’t the only one not being totally honest with us, apparently women are faking orgasms. I wouldn’t know because it’s never happened to me personally; so let’s just move on. (viaLiveScience)

We all know about the light bulb, but Thomas Edison also gave us a single-pour system construction aka concrete houses. Craziest thing, after 100 years many of those concrete houses are still standing. (via PhysOrg)

WWDC came and went with not a single mention of a new iPhone. Except there’s this: iOS5 iCloud firmware hints at new iPhone 5 and iPad 3. (via IBTimes)

Facebook now comes with facial recognition, so if you’re paranoid or just really like your personal privacy it’s time to check your settings. Again. (via The Washington Post)

Today’s E3 short list:

Nintendo’s Wii U may be reminiscent of this to some of you, but if Aliens: Colonial Marines is what we’re to expect, I don’t mind sounding a bit ridiculous. Beats the hell out of flailing about in front of a kinect in tiny apartment. (via IGN)

Capcom showed us the new (game-play) trailer for DMC: Devil May Cry. I get past emo-Dante. Really. (via Capcom-Unity)

And although this bit of damning info was released; the details on Nintendo Japan’s E3 site (umm yeah it’s in Japanese) clearly state the console is capable of running full 1080p. So we’ll see.

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