Don’t mess with Texas (movie theaters)

Don’t talk, watch.

Imagine the following situation: You’re trying to watch a movie in peace when some bitch sitting in front of you pulls out her cellphone. “Whatever,” you think, and you try to ignore it. Maybe she’s just checking the time or something. Instead, she starts texting. You put up with it at first, but she keeps doing it. The glow of her screen is constantly nagging at the corner of your eye. You try to be civil and ask her to put it away and she glares at you like you’re the asshole.

It’s a fairly common problem and that’s probably happened to you at least once.

The Alamo Drafthouse, however, won’t be putting up with these kinds of shenanigans. They have a strict no talking/texting policy, and if you’re found in offense you’ll be kicked out without a refund. One young lady recently found herself at the mercy of this rule after she refused to put her phone away during a film.

Good for you, Alamo Drafthouse.

But oh ho ho, the story doesn’t stop there. Outraged at such treatment, the female with the swollen sense of entitlement left a profanity-laced voicemail with the theater. Showing off their massive balls of steel, the Alamo Drafthouse decided to make an example of the mouthy broad and turn that message into a PSA to run before all of their R-rated movies.

What is particularly amusing/infuriating, is that she doesn’t seem to recognize anything wrong with her behavior. She should be allowed to do whatever she wants with HER phone. This is the Magnited States of America, after all. But maybe this public shaming will finally get her to change her ways.

And if you’re the kind of person that texts during a movie, let this me a friendly reminder. Fucking stop it.

Source: Alamo Drafthouse

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  1. They put out many of these PSAs. This is one starrring the old Governor (before Bush)

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