Noisecast Roundup: It’s a pop culture revolution!

Well, it’s another roundup. Are you tired of me starting these things like that? You know the drill by now so let’s jump right into it. This roundup has NOTHING to do with pop culture and/or revolution.

  • Nokia and Accenture seal Symbian handover deal.
    It’s official. Accenture now controls Symbian and Nokia has nothing to do with it anymore. At least until 2016. Nokia still plans to release a bunch of Symbian phones over the next 12 months, but beyond that, Nokia is now all eyes on WP7.
  • Google working on video chat for chrome.
    For some reason, everyone thinks Skype/Microsoft should be scared of this. I wonder if people realize all the other ways you’re capable of video chatting without a desktop client. Skype has nothing to be worried about for now. Unless Google will be putting call features into a mobile app and let people use the system to bypass their regular phone service while on the go. Meh, you know what I mean. I don’t see the malfunction with coexistence.
  • Mounting evidence of the likelihood that the first Nokia WP7 devices will land in 2011.
    I mean, this isn’t that big of a deal. Elop has said repeatedly (and with increasing confidence) that the first Nokia WP7 handset will be released this year in limited numbers and then ship in volume in 2012, at which point they will be flooding the market. Will I buy one right off the bat? No. I love my Samsung Focus and will only look for a new phone when my contract is up and I’m eligible for an upgrade. However, I’m still excited to see what happens when the (now quite anemic) 800 Lb Gorilla steps on the scene.
  • Judge denies Samsung access to unreleased iPad and iPhone.
    I mean, is anyone surprised? This was probably at best a delaying tactic with a slight hint of “sure, why the hell not. Let’s try anyway.” Apple probably has a strong case, but I’m sure, given the inextricable nature of their businesses (they work together on a lot and need each other), this isn’t going to go to hell in a hand basket.
  • Barnes& Noble: E books outsell print books 3 to 1.
    Given the news out of Amazon, I’m not surprised at all. E books are simply more convenient. They are doing to the publishing industry what iTunes and its ilk did to the recording industry: Democratizing profit, lowering the barrier to entry, and creating a more instant reach between author and reader. E books are the best thing to happen to independent authors since the invention of the personal printer. What’s also intriguing is that the Nook has now gained more marketshare and holds 27% from its previous 25%. The Kindle is still the undisputed king in this game.
  • Best Buy announces “Music Cloud”
    You know how tablets suddenly became cool and all of a sudden there was a new tablet being unveiled or leaked everyday for a year, and it got really boring? Yeah…
  • Apple is said to plan iPhone refresh with faster chip in September.
    The joke used to be “Oh look, it’s Apple rumor season again,” but at this point it feels like we have a new (or rehashed) apple rumor every week. Sometimes everyday. Okay, so no shit they’ll be releasing a new iPhone, and no duh it will be a step up from the last one. Have I missed anything? Would it be shocking if it came out when the iPod usually gets refreshed? Nope. It will come eventually and it will sell like Jesus himself came to market it at your door. Case closed.
  • Could the Amazon Tablet be here in time for holiday season?
    DigiTimes, the South East Asia manufacturing industry insider isn’t always right, but they are always important not to discount. This is just mounting evidence of a coming entry into the Tablet space by Amazon. Holiday sounds about right. I’m very interested to see what Amazon has cooking. Bezos has gone on record saying Amazon is willing to be misunderstood in the short term. That’s one of the things I like about the company. Think in pieces with the long game in mind at all times. Take a hit now, to own the ring tomorrow. I’ve contended on many occasions that Amazon might just be what it takes to make the Tablet truly mainstream.
  • Winklevii drop Facebook fight, keep settlement.
    It looks like Winkle-dee and Winkle-dum have finally decided to put the shenanigans to rest. After 7 long years those poor aggrieved young men will have to live with the fabulous wealth of their families plus the paltry $60 million they got for doing jack shit. My heart bleeds for them. Okay, no seriously, I don’t dislike them. I even understand this. They got outmaneuvered by a plebe and said plebe is now one of the most admired men in the world, not to mention worth billions. They, the tall, statuesque, wealthy, Harvard educated, upper class, Olympic athletes were left with mud in their face. Even if they had an idea that inspired Zuckerberg, they lacked the skill, the vision, and the drive to make it matter. Facebook is so much more than they had conjured and the face of the internet has been changed. They need only see the result of his handiwork to realize they were out of their depths from the get-go.  Let it go, boys.
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