Noisecast Roundup: 06-27-2011

Another day another roundup. I apologize for not producing a roundup on Friday night, I was locked in on my mission to finish my book (just about done, final edits are under way). The roundup tonight covers speculation on the future of textbooks, part 2 of Vitto’s SRT visit, Apple rumors, even more Apple rumors, Xbox rumors, SCOTUS doing something I approve of , and more. Also, don’t forget the latest episode of the podcast is out and you can give it a listen here.

  • Lifetime access to up-to-date info – Is this the future of textbooks?
    This is an interesting interview on Ars about the future of textbooks thanks to the rise of tablets and e-readers. I frankly look forward to the idea of purchasing one book and having it for the rest of my life. It would revolutionize our ability to educate ourselves. Things like this and movements like the Khan Academy are exciting glimpses into the future. If I have children, they will be much smarter than me and it won’t be because of anything I have to do directly. They will have an unprecedented control over their own education. So I hope this is the future.
  • Part two of Vitto’s SRT track experience.
    This is the second of three parts about Vitto’s visit to the SRT track experience, it looks like he has a great time. Jealous would be an understatement of what I feel. Check it out.
  • Apple will release two iPhones in September, claims Deutsche Bank analyst.
    Add this to the rumor pile. It may or may not be true. This seems to be based on deduction and not inside knowledge, but deduction isn’t perfect unless you’re Sherlock Holmes. Would it make sense? Why yes. But that doesn’t, in and of itself, mean anything. There are counter indications that the iPhone 4S isn’t a different phone from the iPhone 5 but it’s actual name. However there are also different branches of rumors for the two, indicating that true or not there may be two devices in the wild. We’ll see soon. Everything seems to be coming down to September.
  • Microsoft to unveil new Xbox at E3 2012.
    The rumor is that they’ve been working on it since 2006. I don’t really doubt that. It’s been almost 7 years, it makes no sense that their R&D was just sitting on its hands this whole time. There has been much talk about new hires meaning they just started but it’s going on a decade soon, technology has changed a bit. It’s possible that Microsoft isn’t starting on the console, but adapting it to the better technology available. It is also int heir best interest to be profitable right out of the gate and also fully backward compatible since the 360 has built the kind of mind share that the PS2 built. But this is all conjecture and rumor. We will learn more as the time creeps up and then in Summer of 2012, we’ll know for certain.
  • Supreme Court strikes down violent video game ban on first amendment grounds.
    Well, this is great news. Violent video games don’t cause violence in kids. Violent kids commit violence, and some of them happen to play violent video games sometimes. It’s not that difficult to see. Good job, SCOTUS.
  • Microsoft tests Wifi over TV spectrum in UK.
    This is huge. This is so huge. If this works without interfering with traditional broadcast, we could get wifi that covers more area. This could be awesome and change the tech game.
  • Kinect UI interface for Windows 7. Lacks polish but really cool.
    This demonstration isn’t perfect and it is polished, but it shows a promising future for what we can do with our computers. We have no need to use the system on its own. The mouse will never die. No matter what people about the mouse, it won’t be dying anytime soon. However, this system will create a more immersion way of interacting with your system. The code is out there, you can go mess with it, work on it, or just play with it.
  • 4G LTE iPad to be tested shortly according to leaked AT&T documents.
    Here’s another rumor but this time not from an analyst who’s guessing. It’s a leaked document from AT&T but is it real? Wouldn’t know, but it’s intriguing. We’ll keep our eye’s peeled in bars.
  • E-Reader growth outpaces tablets in recent months.
    This is not at all surprising. They are cheaper, single-use tablets. I would prefer to lump them together, to be honest. What’s more interesting is the fact that laptops and desktops have achieved parity for the first time.

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