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We were there at Objectivity to see Moleskine launch their line of travel accessories; but how do they fare in real world use? Not ones to shy away from a challenge, Moleskine sent us a 15” laptop case to put through its paces. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Full disclosure: Moleskine really wanted us to check out one of their new Travel Collection laptop cases, so much so, the case got on an airplane from Italy and met up with me at Objectivity in New York. Hope it got its rest because I put it to work.

Before going forward, admittedly I mistakenly requested a 15” case instead of the 13” case that fits my white MacBook. This error did give me a chance to try it out with both my 13” laptop and an older (read: thicker) 15” Compaq. This will be relevant later.

The faux leather case provides an elegant way to carry your laptop without being gaudy, loud, or distractingly emblazoned with logos. The case echos the iconic simplicity in design found in their notebooks but translates it into something more than just a notebook’s cover super-sized for a 15” laptop. Though the design cues scream minimalism, people’s reactions are anything but.

Over the last couple of weeks, the case went with me to various coffee shops, pedestrian plazas, work, a couple of restaurants, and like any real New Yorker, the Subway. The case never looked out of place, struggled for attention, and very importantly, looked like it meant business. Again, the beauty of this case is that it is a handsome case that fits in any situation without having to scream for attention.

Obviously the purpose of the case is to provide some protection for your laptop as you go about your daily life. This means being able to withstand a reasonable amount of bumps, shocks, the occasional coffee mishap, and just about anything else you can throw at it. The shell was more than capable of handling being tossed in a bag as I ran out the door each morning. It lived in relative harmony with my keys, notebook, phone charger and other random items that could have scratched its finish – but they didn’t. Two weeks in and the case looks just as pristine as it did the day I got it.

At a recent trip to a local Starbucks, I had clumsily tried to clear some space; in doing so I spilled some coffee on the table and unfortunately onto the top flap of the case. With the laptop inside. (FFFFUUUUUUUU!) Thank fully, the case took the hit without any liquid seeping in and was easily spot cleaned when I got home.

Inside is a super soft velour fabric that keeps your laptop securely in place, even my 13” MacBook stayed put in all my travels. The stretchy sides and bottom ensured that even my 15” truck not only fit but was secure. The inside is a reminder that beauty is more than skin deep – and this case is gorgeous through and through.

There are some caveats though, I would’ve really liked if the case offered a little more protection from a potential drop. Granted the case is no replacement for a proper gear bag, it would’ve been nice to see just a little more padding on the inside. Knowing that the inside was littler more than a cushy soft piece of fabric had me worried the first few times I just tossed my laptop in my bag; it was a second of panic and an urge to triple check that everything was working how it was meant to. Thankfully the padding in my bag took care of the impact.

Ranging in price from $45 for a 10-inch case to $55 for the 15-inch case reviewed here, is it worth the investment? Absolutely. If you’re looking for a more grownup option, then this should be your go-to laptop case. As much as I love my inCase sleeve, it does leave you feeling a bit under-dressed in a business meeting; the Moleskine has become my everyday case. Check out our full gallery below and be sure to check out their entire collection here.

Source: Moleskine Store

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