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  1. Windows Phones will never take off and Androids are for people who argue that same sex marriage is perfectly normal.  Apple never does it first, they just do it better . . . you’re move

    1. I am move? No I am Agrippa. We usually try not to use the apostrophe in the possessive your… your move.

      1. Well, my grammar might be off but my point is still the same.  Everyone likes to have these mobile device pissing contests but that doesn’t change the end result of the matter, like Charlie Sheen, Apple is still winning.  Android is open source and that’s wonderful and all but it turns the device OS into the wild wild west.  You can’t compare the two side by side without marveling at the tight structure of iOS.  Sure Apple could have just released all of these features 2 years ago all in one shot, but then it wouldn’t be stable.  If you care that much about open source, then just Jailbreak your iDevice and have at it.  At the end of the day Apple is still the start of all this.  Touch screen phones were a joke and required a stylus, Apple shows up and boom, everyone is on the same bandwagon.  Android is fun and all but the only reason it sold was because people we’re married to their Verizon contracts, so they cut of their nose to spite their face by getting a Droid.  

        now onto the Windows platform ….. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Find me 10 people who own the new WP7 and honestly ask them to stack up against iPhone, or Droid, or the Barbie Dream Phone by Mattel.  

        Anyone wanna talk Symbian? . . . . .  Didn’t think so . . .

        1. Hahahaha. My mentioning your grammar was a reverse troll face. But on your last paragraph. We already had this discussion on Twitter, we did actually come up with 10 people, all but two were former iPhone users, 1 was a former Android the other a former WinMo, none are ever going back. So as anecdotes go, that’s a 100% success rate. But clearly anecdotes are meaningless. 

          Your point stands, without the anecdotes, from a financial and marketing standpoint, but one does not allow *opinion* of quality to determine which is the best system (otherwise Macs would be outselling HP, Dell, Acer, etc). So your contention is correct.

          Android has double the marketshare that Apple does, I don’t know what that does for your “Android is a failed concept next to Apple” thesis. 

          “Apple never does it first, they just do it better” That’s all you needed to say. Everything else was superfluous. I agree (except that piece of shit iTunes. Great software, but what’s the deal with it looking like it was made in 1995, and running that awfully too?). But as an aside,  I use WP7 and I just can’t take iOS on a phone seriously anymore. WP7 is honestly a more intelligent OS. Now on the iPad? Yes please! Give me more. I’ve never fully bought into Android. I just enjoy Android nebulously as a geek.

          As for Symbian… why? Why would you even mention that abomination? Nokia still became the largest phone manufacturer (yes even their smartphones outsell Android and iOS devices worldwide, just not Stateside) on that abomination of a software. That’s why people honestly see disruption in market share with them producing WP7 devices almost exclusively. It gives WP7 almost instantly, an equal reach as Android worldwide (remember Android has double iOS market share because it’s on more phones and more carriers).

          But I digress. My point in my response, was a cheeky acknowledgment of your point (though as you can see, I acknowledge it with caveats. The situation will be fluid for the next 2 years at least). In other words, i was saying, “Nuh uh… well… well… you’re a poopy-head, so there.”

          1. HAHA good stuff!  iOS is limited to one phone and very few carriers, so yes it’s tough to get a grip on market share, plus IT guys love open source because of they’re modern day hippy, damn the man attitude.  As far as Nokia phones go, the 3395 Brick phone is still one of the best designed phones ever created and it’s platform still lives on successfully.  HOWEVER, the Nokia platform being the hottest seller has it’s reasons.  First they have the lower class, who buy cheap phones because it’s all they can afford, second  you have illegals who have limited access to which model they get when they buy from a bodega, next you have the elderly people who hate change or just want “a phone” … lastly you have the middle east who still runs on ancient cell networks.  One day we will all be old and gray and tired of change and we will settle for the iPhone Holographic 20 terabyte model, and make fun of the young kids walking around with the newer iPhone ESP mind transplant, and they’ll be writing funny things about us on Twitterfacesquare.microapple

          2. You’re right, the Nokia 3395 is a beast of a phone. It was my first phone and it actually survived a building demolition. Days later when the apartment building rubble was being cleared by bulldozers, it started ringing. It still even had battery life. Hahaha. I was only there for the prep and demolition because a good friend’s older brother was working on it. He returned the phone to me. 

            Now my heart skips a beat when my Samsung Focus falls a few feet, and I cringe every time my sister drops her iPhone 4. I think this is the part where I tell all the youngins’ to get off ma lawn! 

            But on Nokia being hottest seller. i wasn’t talking about their lower range. I meant Nokia’s high end phones are huge, and its bizarre because they are so expensive too. Nokia owns Asia and Europe, and there are just more phone users there. If you add the low end to the numbers, then you’d have to combine every other phone manufacturer and they’d still be outnumbered by Nokia. Actually, I think crunching the numbers, even if you added Nokia’s high end to all the others, you still wouldn’t equal their low end numbers.

            I think, regardless, we can all agree that living in the future is fucking boss. Just the fact that this debate even exists. The fact that either of our phones possess orders of magnitude more processing power than the super computers used to send man to the moon… right there in our pockets (which begs the question, what the hell have we achieved? What have we done with our lives lately? Our generation is kinda whack). We live in the future and it’s fucking badass! The coolest thing about living in the future? We have even more future to look forward to! I just hope I never become one of those old squares who doesn’t understand new technology. 

        2. Saying that the OS wouldn’t be stable if these features existed 2 years ago doesn’t really make sense. Mostly since these features have been available to the Jailbreakers for 3 years. And since iOS 5 is going to be available for the 3GS (2 years ago) you may as well jsut delete that portion of your argument.

          Android’s open architecture doesn’t turn the device OS into the “wild wild west” at all. People are free to choose what they install on their phones. The open nature of the platform gives you options that you just don’t get from iOS without potentially voiding your warranty. Don’t like something about your HTC Incredible? Change it. HTC doesn’t care. In fact, they’ve given you completely unlocked bootloaders to make sure you never have to look for some funky back door to hack your way into the system. Samsung sent 4 of the new Galaxy S phones to Cyanogen Mod team members with specific instructions to make CM7 run on the device.

          Apple: preach individuality; demand conformity.

          If people only bought Android devices because they were already stuck on VZW, then Android wouldn’t continue to gain market share faster than iOS year after year. That part of your argument makes even less sense now that the iPhone is available on VZW.

          The best part about Android handsets is that there’s something for EVERYONE regardless of what you want. Want a keyboard? No problem. Want a big-ass screen? Got that too. Want something with ridiculous amounts of speed? PA-POW they’ve got dual cores! Want something you can get for free with your upgrade? No problem. Want bleeding-edge tech in your pocket? You want an Android.

          Apple does have aesthetically pleasing devices, and their OS is always stable. Those are both really good things. But I want more from my devices (all of my devices, not just my phone) than Apple can provide.

    2. *ahem*
      You’re correct. Androids are for people that are more open to the way the world really is instead of accepting someone else’s rules for how it should be. That’s why we use Android. [trollface]
      Apple does a lot of things first, but they never do anything better. Innovation, yes. Domination, never.
      This thread is now about waffles and their obvious superiority to pancakes.

    3. Not so sure on the doing it better part. However, Apple is streamlining all their devices with the synching and iCloud out of the box. It’s not necessarily better as it is convenient. iCloud and the synching just puts the focus on the cloud, meaning your stuff is always in the airwaves and you don’t need to download individual apps to do the synching (like Google, your gmail account syncs your calendar and gmail accounts but not your documents). And if you want to use your documents on Android, lets say from Google Docs, you have to have a wireless connection available. Apple is making it so your stuff exists on the cloud but is also available offline on your devices in case you don’t have a connection.

      It’s pretty much the same thing except convenience. iCloud is by no means “better” than existing services. They all do exactly the same thing. They just take different approaches. Honestly, Apple played catch-up today. There were a few awesome parts of the event but it mostly was bringing stuff everyone else has to their ecosystem. A lot of it is straight out of existing OSes. Even Scott Forstall said “We took Apple’s Safari engine and open sourced it… it’s the basis of web browsing on Android.”

      Saying iCloud is “better” is like saying “water is better than ice.” They’re the same exact thing except they have slightly different properties. In the end, both are H20.

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