The First Stage Is Denial: Apple Customer Service Denies Malware Exists

Apple malware is nothing new. It’s also never really been that big a deal. Whether it’s a rogue AppleScript masquerading as a legit program that can do a bunch of nasty things including taking pictures of you, to the world’s coolest, physics-bending “virus”, it’s been no secret that you can do nasty things with a Mac. Until recently, though, it was never that scary of an issue. Avoid running questionable software you don’t know and you’ll be fine. Until this little number got out in the wild. It may be the first known piece of malware for Macs that actually automatically downloads software to your system in certain situations.

Now, is this reason to panic? Of course not. Just like with car accidents and STDs, problems exist in the real world, but it doesn’t mean every time you slip into a car, a bed, or a browser that you’re going to end up a broken shell of your former self. Just don’t do stupid things, protect yourself, and deal with problems as they come along. Which is exactly what Apple is helping their customers-

Wait, what’s that? You say it’s official Apple policy to pretend that this malware doesn’t exist, refuse to attempt to fix it, and to leave their customers infected with no Apple-sanctioned method for dealing with the problem?

Well, crap.

ZDNet reports that this is exactly the case. AppleCare reps are being instructed not to attempt to remove any malware, not to confirm or deny that a user is infected, stopping just short of outright telling their reps to pretend that Mac malware doesn’t exist. This approach works fine in pointless comment threads where Mac and Windows fanboys bicker and argue (that’s still a thing right? Or have we all moved over to iOS and Android now?) over whether or not Macs are superior. When it comes to actual users who were all-but-promised freedom from malware, and now find themselves with a nasty piece of software they can’t get rid of (which may or may not be their own fault), it’s just bad customer service to turn them away.

Apple: I like your computers. If I could afford to buy another Mac right now, I’d love to. But let’s stop the charade. You’ve got malware, just like the rest of us. Argue and bicker about the semantics of “virus” all you want, but your customers need you to step up. Time to do it.

Source: ZDNet

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  1.  These are the kind of things that make me dislike Apple. I’ve never had a problem with their products, even though I’m predominately a Windows and Linux user. They have their purpose and do the job quite nicely. It’s always been business practices like these that have always put me off. 

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