Noisestash Roundup: Android Woes and New Earth

Welcome to another Kevlar edition Roundup. We’ve got space travel, Android wars and woes, WP7 predictions and bombing nerds.

New Home Planet? Sure, if you trust the French.

According to the French star-gazers, there’s a small, rocky planet that meets all the basic requirements for sustaining human life. It’s only a mere 20 light years away! Gliese 581d, a planet orbiting Gliese 581 (we’re gonna have to change that name when we move in)  seems to be stablized, in a non-collapsey sort of way, and should have a warm enough climate to support rain, clouds and (my opinion) bikini wearing. Now, lets get with the terra-forming.

Sony can’t catch a break to save their bottom line

So Sony announced today that their sales of the Xperia Play phone by Vodafone New Zealand is going to be a mite delayed. Why? Because someone stole the first shipment. This isn’t the first delay, but it seems to be more bad luck than bad planning.

Windows Phone 7 is shaping up to be nice and shiny.

In this rundown (and this “what to expect” piece) you can see that the Mango update of WP7 is going to be quite the improvement over the original release. A lot of these updates seem to focus more on the enterprise side of the house, which – with RIM staying astoundingly boring these days and IT departments moving away from a Blackberry-only environment – Windows could make a good case for itself here.

You know what? We’re gonna deal with the hacker problem the right way: by bombing you.

Yep. The US warns that cyber attacks on our nation will be treated as acts of war and respond accordingly. While some might call this a little heavy-handed, others realize that physical consequences are the best way to deter some actions. Military response would be the last straw, but the fact that it’s out there on the table serves a purpose as well.

What’s that? Microsoft loves Windows 7? Well, so do customers.

As Windows 7 starts getting a firm grip in the market, it appears that customer satisfaction is on the rise. Well, that’s a good thing. It means MS is doing the right thing. Lets just not let it go to their heads, okay?

Wanna read about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition?

Well, you just did. Seriously, who thought that was a good name? Good job, Samgsung, ya took the Microsoft route with that one. Anyway, Engadget does a good job of covering the tablet, but I’d check it out if I were you.

Is Google/Android going to win the war with Amazon/Android?

Not only is Amazon taking Android’s marketplace from them, they’re supposedly releasing a few kickass tablets soon. Since Amazon already has it’s fingers in so many wallets, it makes it easier to send them your money instead of stepping into Google’s marketplace. What’s a Google to do?

As I sit here watching Netflix, I read that it is now the largest sort of traffic in North America.

Yep. Apparently BitTorrent traffic has taken second place to Netflix. This isn’t too surprising, but as our fearless leader Agrippa has mentioned tonight in an email, the only way to stop this is to … cut off Agrippa’s internet every few days. Keeps him on his toes.

Android is vulnerable to attack, Konfiglio is unimpressed.

Yep, you’re vulnerable to attack. I’m vulnerable to attack. Read up on Steven’s logic on why this specific vulnerability is no reason to abandon your ship of Androidyness.

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