Monday Update: Late And Not Great

Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay. Today has flown by and I had no idea how late it was. To be honest, my personal life is somewhere above my head in a freefall. So while I brace it for landing, I’ve been a little distracted from my day-to-day responsibilities. Fear not though, I have a quick Monday Update for you and the podcast is right on schedule for this afternoon!

Ok so here’s a solid round up of some of our recent articles:

The First Noisedraft: Tech we’d banish from existence.

Ben’s life is in shambles thanks to tech, how’s yours?

If you’re having identity problems I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 problems but PSN ain’t one.

Finally, an iPad 2 review

Does the Lord of the Rings trilogy stand the test of time?

Absolutely amazing maps

Again, sorry for the delay faithful readers. I’ll go give myself 20 lashes for punishment…. or maybe I’ll grab a coffee. One or the other.

Podcast out later.

Blah Blah.


Good day!

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