It’s Been Real Folks

Get that sunscreen out. Then get those winter coats.

Well folks, it’s been fun. Hope you’re all prepared for Saturday. If you’re not prepared, you may want to reference our survival week posts for some key tips on surviving just about anything the rapture could throw at you.

Here’s the round up of those all too important articles.


Monsters & Ghosts







Enjoy reading those articles in your last few moments on Earth and keep yourself locked in here for live updates during the rapture (assuming it actually happens)(and assuming we’re not burning alive).

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “It’s Been Real Folks”

  1. robot-shmobot

    I’ve always had an apocalypse kit prepared for quick escapes. Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to update it before Saturday for Raptors. I’ll be adding metal ladles, ice cubes, and ‘Rex in Heat’ spray for good measure.

    In all seriousness, my girlfriend thought it was weird at first, but now she has a apocalypse kit too.

  2. Eric Johnston

    None of those survival guides will prepare you for this threat – bible thumping Christian rapture believers. You have only one defense against them – tell ’em you’re Jewish. Shuts them right up and they go away.

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