Episode 31 podcast show notes “Attack of the Interrupting Cow”

Ahh, another episode of the little podcast that could. I really don’t understand how we continue to survive. There is no group, religion, race, political creed, or sexual preference we haven’t somehow offended in the process of talking about tech. Yet here we are. Clearly you are all gluttons for punishment. This episode, as you can tell from the title, is called “Attack of the interrupting cow”. I’ll leave you to try and guess what that entails. As always, the show notes, topics and links can be found after the jump. You can give the episode a listen right here:

Date: 5-22-2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Steven, Gonzo, Vitto, Kevlar, Ron, Marimac

  1. Telco and Internet TV slowly eating away at Cable Tv market share. i know this is a ‘duh’ thing but it’s cool to see the numbers: http://bit.ly/mKm9PJ
  2. Verizon: Say So Long to Unlimited Data – http://bit.ly/lU30F0
  3. Zuckerberg wants kids under 13 on FB: http://cnet.co/jEBWGF
  4. Man Chooses to cut off his hand for a bionic one – http://bit.ly/ip1hwc (would you do this?)
  5. Like and Tweet buttons track users even if they don’t click them, does this unnecessarily invade your privacy? http://on.wsj.com/iuPCXZ
  6. You’re more likely to remember reading something from a newspaper than an iPad http://bit.ly/mbm5c2
  7. NC governor will let cable-backed bill restricting municipal broadband become law: http://engt.co/lZilUk
  8. RIAA boss takes home $3 mil+: http://bit.ly/j4QmcS
  9. IBM is now bigger than Microsoft (at least in market value) – GeekWire http://bit.ly/iwwCO2 (This is just market value and revenue. Microsoft is still ahead in profit. For fiscal year 2010 Microsoft made a profit of $18.7 billion on $62 billion revenue, and IBM made a profit of $18.8 billion on $99 billion revenue).
  10. Apple upgrades leave bitter taste http://t.co/bDYQc6u (I got something explaining the difference between upgrade and update for the apple upgrade article:: http://i.tuaw.com/2011/05/21/itunes-tiger-and-irrational-ire-knowing-the-difference-betwee/ )
  11. The Protect IP Act: Google’s Eric Schmidt squares off against RIAA and MPAA http://t.co/v5PXAtV
  12. Apple to support reps: “Do not attempt to remove malware”  –
  13. Verizon Windows Phone 7 HTC Trophy officially available May 26 http://bit.ly/iKN9v2
  14. Clearwire sees promise in LTE, switch from WiMAX possible http://bit.ly/lpkV8v
  15. AT&T accused of overcharging iPhone, iPad users for cellular data in latest lawsuit [Updated] http://bit.ly/kvlJeg – AT&T of course denies it, and the denial sounds reasonable. The data just doesn’t seem to take into account background OS features, the time differential in billing, or the specific background functions of available apps.
  16. BlackBerry PlayBook sales miss targets by over 90% at major retailer, ‘much higher’ return rate than XOOM http://bit.ly/k1GjtZ
  17. Windows Phone 7-style music player for Android arrives from the developer of LauncherPro http://engt.co/iOnuUB Has anyone tried this out? Any thoughts? First word I’ve heard is that it’s pretty awesome.
  18. AT&T shows off its LTE chops; 28Mbps in lab setting http://bit.ly/ksy2pS – I remain dubious. Here is a counterpoint to my skepticism from 6 months ago. It shows that AT&T’s network actually fares better than rivals in 14 of 23 Markets. So maybe my lack of faith in them getting those speeds out to everyone stems from outmoded stereotypes?
  19. Explosion at Foxconn factory in Chengdu, impact of iPad 2 production still uncertain http://bit.ly/iQ10mx Like you iAddicts even care :P


  1. I don’t know if this goes here or above. People were “downloading” music from their phones way back in 1892 – io9 http://on.io9.com/jKJTsk
  2. More British head to Denmark for sperm – http://bbc.in/mJjXlg
  3. Hampshire ‘tiger sighting’ causes major alert – http://bbc.in/mqY6ZN
  4. Senator questions benefits to ‘adult baby’ – http://t.co/N5tiJxS
  5. Bottles of urine found in ice cream truck: http://bit.ly/iJ08uE

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  2. Hey, fellas, what is the music in the opening this time?  I actually liked it.  I’m in the middle of listening, so if it’s repeated at the end.

    1. Hey Jake,
      The song is by Darth & Vader. It’s called Return of the Jedi.

      DL it here: http://dancesauce.com/2011/05/darth-vader-return-of-the-jedi-original-mix/

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