Chinese Labor Camps Prisoners Forced to … level up

We all know doing hard time sucks. Well, that’s the rumor anyway. I’m the product of a middle class suburban household. Moving on. According to a prisoner from the Jixi labor camp, inmates were “forced” to play video games for hours on end. 12 hours on end, to be precise.

Although I find it difficult for this to be considered “punishment” I think that it says a lot about the state of things these days. According to the prisoner, it was far more lucrative for the prison bosses to have 300 prisoners build up gold to sell to people who purposely chain themselves to their computers for 12 hours a day than it was to make the prisoners do actual labor.

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  1. I can’t really say that this surprises me. Well, the fact that they were forced to farm gold to sell doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that gold sellers still exist for WoW. It is insanely easy to make gold on your own these days and buying gold could potentially get your account deleted. I made over 3000 gold yesterday and I wasn’t even trying.

    I should get out more, huh?

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