A friendly reminder that SiriusXM channels are changing tomorrow

If you have a Sirius, XM, or SiriusXM radio subscription then you might be in for a small surprise tomorrow, May 4, when you tune in to your local traffic and weather channel and instead are greeted with the painful noises of Canadian adult alternative music. Ron had reported back in March that the merger between Sirius and XM was beginning to look more like a unified company. Tomorrow’s channel jumble further solidifies the deal. A channel mixup isn’t something new for Sirius and XM subscribers. Back when the company first joined hands a lot of the overlapping and underperforming channels were axed and the lineup for each service was altered a bit. However, channel numbers were different on XM and on Sirius. For example, the Hair Nation channel (music from 80s hair bands, not cosmetology talk radio) was channel 23 on Sirius but channel 41 on XM. Starting tomorrow, the entire channel lineup will be revamped and channels will be identical on both Sirius and XM receivers. Hit up the source link for the list of changes and a downloadable PDF to help you reset all your SiriusXM presets tomorrow.

Source: http://www.siriusxm.com/channelupdate

Source: SiriusXM

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  1. Eric Johnston

    Actually, the channels don’t line up before or now. The reason for the move was most older Sirius radios can’t tune above channel #200. The only ones that line up are the decades channels.

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