The Techiest Dog House, Ever!

This here is Pearl, the coolest labradoodle on the block. Pearl’s owner, John B. Carnett, decided that if he lived the tech life, so should she. This doghouse, that John built himself, includes a solar heating system, LED lights, a wifi security camera and more.

After creating the design with CAD software, I added a solar hot-water radiant-heating system and made a green roof that retains rainwater, creates oxygen, and improves insulation. Then I decked it out with a few other touches, including some colored LED lights to brighten things up and a Web-enabled wireless video camera that lets me keep an eye on Pearl from my computer or phone. That’s plenty of features for her, but the doghouse has one extra benefit for me: The battery that powers it also powers all the low-voltage exterior lights on my property.

Click here to read some more details of Pearl’s new humble abode.

Source: Popular Science

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  1. Alternatively, you could just let the dog live in the house with you. I thought the point of those hybrid-doodles was they are non-allergenic?

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